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Month: September 2016

Road work around the Edmonton International Airport means slow going

If you are catching a flight from Edmonton International Airport in the next few months leaving a few minutes early is recommended to allow for constructions delays on the roadways leading to the airport.

Flight Mode: Fancy tech that’s made it harder for airline’s to lose your luggage

Lost luggage is down by 65% since 2007 thanks to some new tech. Follow the roller coaster ride that your bags make into the bowels of the airport.

Tour of Alberta brings world class cyclists to Edmonton

I had the pleasure of attending my first live bike race as the fourth annual Tour of Alberta  finished its 2016 edition in downtown Edmonton on Labour Day  and came away vowing not to make it my last.

The 600-kilometer lap around the province attracted over 100 competitors including a handful of Tour De France top qualification riders and Ryder Hesjedal, winner of the 2012 Giro d’Italia which is the first and only Grand Tour won by a Canadian.  This year’s victor American Robin Carpenter finished one solitary second ahead last year’s winner Bauke Mollema in a hotly contested final lap of the Edmonton street course that went down to the finish line where I watch them fly by at speed.

Video by author

As an avid cyclist and cycling Grand Tour viewer it was a very different experience to get so up close and personal to the action and appreciate the speeds at which the racers flashed past as I found it much faster than it appears through the camera lens.

The prime location right on the finish line to watch the final stage was courtesy of a tour sponsor Delta Airlines who extended an invitation into a hospitality box that came complete with creature comforts of hot food and cold beverages that added to the enjoyment of the afternoon.

While there could be more visibility of the race from national networks, especially specialty sports channels, as it is Canada’s largest first and highest ranked professional road cycling stage race the Tour of Alberta still managed to attract an international audience of 47 million viewers  in 2015 helping to showcase the city and province and the world class competitions it hosts to a whole new audience. After sitting on the sidelines until now I plan to volunteer for the 2017 edition and hope to in a small way make it an even more successful event.

Here’s a post-race report courtesy of CBC Edmonton:

Cuba’s Iconic ‘Yank Tanks’


With news in recent days that Starwood Hotels & Resorts becomes the first U.S. hotel chain to operate in Cuba since 1959 and the restoration of commercial air links between the two countries that began with a JetBlue flight between Fort Lauderdale and Santa Clara, Cuba some of the unique elements that I’ve come to know and love about Cuba may disappear including the rolling anachronisms of the vintage 1950’s cars so I want to celebrate them before they are gone for good.

Yank Tank‘Yank Tank’ is a nickname that many classic car buffs use to describe the many pre-1960 American automobiles present in Cuba —with an estimated 60,000 of them still driving the island’s roads today. About 150,000 existed at the time of the 1959 revolution, shortly after which Detroit automakers and American manufacturers were forced to stop trade with Cuba to conform to the US embargo.

Join G Adventures’ very own Daniel Sendecki and learn more about these island’s icons.

Source: Cuba’s Iconic ‘Yank Tanks’


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