Working in travel means exposure to enticing air deals to far away places for low prices that periodically come along and while the innate desire to travel pushes me to confirm them all the practical realities of time and money mean having to resist the travel temptation and simply say ‘no’ to almost all. Once in a while however an offer comes along that proves impossible to resist as I decided was the case in yielding to a recent Icelandair offer to visit the two Nordic capitals of Copenhagen and Reykjavik.

Building in a two-day stopover in Reykjavik on the way home from Copenhagen for $500 with taxes roundtrip was very tempting and luckily the sale stretched over five days as it took me three to overcome my initial resistance and confirm a Europe trip for myself at what is roughly equivalent to the price of a ticket to Toronto. That value will help offset the higher cost of living in these northern cities, both of which I’m visiting for the first time.

In looking forward to the trip I couldn’t help sharing a short video starring the city of Reykjavik by filmmaker Martina Arcucci who takes us through the art, design, restaurant, and cocktail scene that make Iceland’s capital one of the most popular destinations in the world.