Having travelled with only a carry-on for years I enjoy tinkering with different packing aids, space savers and gadgets but regardless of what I’m putting in my suitcase how I pack it inevitably it boils down to one of two packing techniques: flat and rolled packing. The

Read any one of a number of online sources and you’ll find a plethora of rolling proponents and while I’ve tried this technique out of sheer curiosity found it lacking so went back to my preferred method of flat packing using large Ziploc bags with the air pushed out to save space or volume if not weight. Thinking I was in the minority I was happy to read this article recently which in a wholly unscientific experiment found flat packing the victor.

I’m sure to some how to pack a bag may seem a trivial matter but as one who travels with a carry-on bag a few inches or ounces can make a difference.

Do you have a packing preference? Please leave a comment explaining your methods or techniques.