The next time you board an Air Canada chances are it might look a little different as the airline recently unveiled its new paint scheme or livery in a trio of high profile events held simultaneously in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

The new colours are, according to a press release, “a bold black and white design that highlights its iconic red maple leaf encircled ensign, or “rondelle,” that returns to the tail of the flag carrier’s fleet after an absence of 24 years. ” Rondelle by the way is the French term for a hockey puck so the airline shoots & scores in two official languages!

The first 3 aircraft bearing the new colours have entered service with the remaining fleet of 297 mainline and regional aircraft to be repainted in schedule as they are brought in for regular maintenance.

In addition to the new livery Air Canada the airline also premiered charcoal grey and black employee uniforms with red accents and accessories tailored by Canadian designer Christopher Bates.

There’s a detailed look at the colour scheme and its inspiration here but one thing of interest was a retrospective of the airline’s tail colours over the years.

I began flying Air Canada regularly in the mid-1990’s so identify with the red maple leaf on the green background and preferred that livery and the new one to the previous minty toothpaste colour scheme.

Everyone is bound to form their own opinion about the new livery but from the first glance I am giving it a thumbs up and will look for it on an airport tarmac one day soon.