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Flight review: best economy seat on WestJet Boeing 767

After revelling in the service and comfort of the Westjet Plus seats on the outbound flight of a trip to Maui as I wrote about in this blog article I opted to fly the return portion in economy seats that aren’t too far behind Plus  literally or figuratively.

The larger Boeing 767 aircraft WestJet took delivery of last year are ‘wide bodies’ in airline terminology meaning there are two aisles instead of just one down the center as is the case with the airline’s main model, the Boeing 737. Row 5 is directly behind the separate Plus cabin but as there is no fixed wall offer an inch or two more legroom than the Plus seats themselves and double the amount of regular economy seat legroom on this aircraft. I’d studied the WestJet seat maps after confirming my flight noting that they showed as extra legroom seats so fully expected to pay a small premium as with exit row seats but happily found these roomy seats actually cost the same as any other economy seat to assign in advance, which is $20 one-way making it one of the best values in the skies for a flight of 6 – 7 hours.

Boeing 767 seat map

plus seat map

Wanting a window I reserved 5K which offers loads of legroom, in my case around 8 inches between my knees and the seat pocket in the back of the last row of Plus seats. That’s an admittedly inexact estimate made using  the paperback I’d bought for the flight as a crude tape measure so your dimensions may differ but it helps to illustrate just how much room this row of seats offers.


The tray table folds out of the armrest which shaves a little of the seat width but given the large amount of legroom I was quite alright with that small concession.


Row 5 on the left and right side of the airplane actually get views from two windows which is fairly rare in economy cabins I’ve flown.


As there are only seven of these roomy seats on the aircraft they are in short supply and will be reserved well in advance so would recommend calling your travel consultant or WestJet to check availability as soon as possible after confirming your flight as I’d definitely recommend paying the small seat assignment fee to reserve these seats as they are a real bargain.


  1. Excellent review! I just booked 5A, 5C, 5H, and 5K for our upcoming trip to Maui. Looking forward to it!

  2. Are the seats 6d 6e and 6f equally generous with legroom?

    • Canadian Wanderer

      January 20, 2019 at 10:22 AM

      No, they are regular economy seats as it’s only row 5 directly being the premium cabin that offers the additional legroom.

      • Are you sure? It seems that 6D,E. F in the middle are also directly behid the premium cabin? Would they not also have the extra leg room. Seat guru says they are just as good.

        • Canadian Wanderer

          March 20, 2019 at 6:48 PM

          They do have the same extra legroom however as a solo traveler I prefer the left or right row 5 since there are only 2 seats on each side instead of 3 in the middle.

  3. On Seat Guru a couple of people noted that despite the extra leg room there were possible issues. One said there’s a curtain (which I don’t see in this blog) that the attendant flung into the person’s lap or face. Another said that Premium row 4 seats have extra recline and cut into 5’s space. I don’t know if either of these complaints are valid.

    • Canadian Wanderer

      March 1, 2019 at 9:15 AM

      Neither was a factor for me on my flight but WestJet may have made some changes to the cabin layout in the past two+ years since my flight and installed a curtain between what are now called Premium seats and row 5.

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