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Flight Review: Delta Airlines Embraer E175

Delta Airlines non-stop regional jet service to Seattle from Edmonton has been up and running since December, 2015 and by all accounts has been a success so after a few flights on the route thought I would share some thoughts on the Brazilian-built Embraer 175 playing the route.

The route and other in the Pacific Northwest is operated under the Delta brand by regional carrier Compass Airlines  who has a fleet of 36 Embraer 175 aircraft each with 76-seats which are divided into 12 First Class seats, 20 Comfort + and 44 in Economy.

photo by author

The seat width varies by less than 2-inches between First Class,  Comfort + and Economy seats but the legroom increases from 37-inches in First to 34-inches in Comfort + down to 31-inches in regular Economy seats. I found my window Economy seat offered just enough legroom for this average 5- foot 10-inch traveler on a short 90-minute flight.

photo by author

Note that regular Economy seats don’t include in-seat power outlets as  those are found in Comfort + and First Class only.

I liked that the center armrest could be lifted to allow a little extra room between the seats in the Delta aircraft configuration with two seats on either side of the center aisle except in First Class where there is a single row on one side and two seats on the other.  I find the in-seat shoulder room, headroom and bin space on this Embraer much better than other regional jets such as Bombardier’s CRJ.

photo by author

Row 14 is listed as a window seat but is actually between two windows so not ideal if you like to take in the Pacific Northwest views.

Travelling with carry-on only and not wanting to have my bag gate checked I’d opted to buy Delta’s Priority Boarding as part of its Trip Extras on the outbound flights Edmonton – Seattle and Seattle – Portland to allow boarding earlier in Zone 1 instead of Zone 3 at a cost of USD$15 per segment. This perk was handy but it’s value will of course depend upon how full or empty the flight actually is, an often unknown quantity.

One unexpected benefit revealed itself after my Edmonton – Seattle flight was delayed 30-minutes putting my 60-minute Seattle connection in jeopardy however a flight attendant assured those who inquired about missing their connections that they were arriving into gate 7A and that they should check the ‘connections board’ in the gate area which show the gate numbers of onward connections. After disembarking I consulted said ‘connections board’ and after noting my new gate number dutifully set out to find it only to realize a split second later that it was the same gate I’d just arrive into and I didn’t have to rush anywhere as it was the same aircraft I’d just walked off that with a new crew would continue onto Portland. In fact had aviation regulations allowed I could’ve stayed in the same seat, 14A, as I had the same seat assigned for both flights. This is one of the few times in my flying memory where I encountered this same-plane service on a true connection.

There’s an excellent aircraft tour with a good look at the roomier Delta Economy Comfort seats in this video.

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  1. I love it It;s Fun especially NO middle seats.

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