After much prevarication I finally got around to creating my very first blog which I’d considered starting for years but hadn’t fully explored – I told myself- for lack of time, lack of money, lack of interest or any one of another dozen rationalizations. However recent new directions both personally and professionally helped encourage me to reconsider starting one and after much trying on of size for the blog name found the right fit so here it is!

A family member had once given me a pocket travel journal and while I did attempt to put it to use on one trip it seemed too much of a chore to record the days events thoughts and so as with all chores we dislike I avoided doing it repacking the little notebook in my suitcase only to remove it upon returning home. It has found a spot on my bookshelf and I’ve occasionally opened it a few times to revisit the words and recall the mood of that trip.

Since that trip my travel thoughts and experiences have been passed along in conversations with family, friends and clients and while that will always happen I thought this new medium could help me share in pictures & print more fully what the condensed stories really only highlight. Random thoughts about places, spaces or faces I encounter while on the road as well as the realities of planning my adventures are what I hope to post on these pages, though there is no real editorial plan or static outline and will find a direction while doing.

I look forward to helping offer others small insights into my travel experiences and hope in doing so I in turn gain a new appreciation of the destinations explored.


Canadian Wanderer