Every time I arrive in Hawai’i I wonder what took me so long to return and upon departure whether if I stayed anyone would notice as there’s something about the islands that keeps me returning at irregular intervals and wanting to stay forever. I know that desire doesn’t make me unique among visitors to the islands that have enchanted travellers for a millennium but enjoy pondering the answer to both questions at random moments while waiting to leave for a holiday or contemplating returning from one.

After a decade-long hiatus between visits I resolved during my last visit to O’ahu in 2013 to return for a milestone birthday three years later and while that resolution went the way of countless New Year’sĀ resolutions providence in the form of a WestJet seat sale this week afforded me the opportunity to plan an escape to Maui and grabbed it with both hands. It isn’t every day after all that Edmontonians can fly to Maui for CAD$400 including taxes so I seized the chance to plot an April holiday andĀ look forward not only to the vacation itself but the promise of the holiday on all those cold winter days that lie between now and then.

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