For those travellers or their families who may be a little anxious about travelling abroad given recent high profile incidents the federal government has released a Travel Smart app for the tech savvy to help keep them connected to Canada wherever you may be.

Travel Smart app top features:

• Find up-to-date travel advice and advisories on over 200 destinations worldwide.
• Find emergency contact information for embassies and consulates abroad and the 24-7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa.
• Find continuously updated wait times at key Canada–U.S. border crossings listed by distance from your location.
• Connect to’s social media accounts, where you can ask questions, share travel advice and learn even more about travelling safely abroad.
• Sign up for the Government of Canada’s Registration of Canadians Abroad service and stay connected to Canada in case of an emergency at home or abroad.

Download the Travel Smart app today from the App Store:

– Apple:…
– Google Play:…


I recall late in the last century during a trip to Germany and Austria being encouraged by family to register my visit to Vienna because of a big international conference being held in the city. After seeking out the Canadian embassy in the Austrian capital I was told by a staffer that I only really needed to do that if I were staying for an extended period of time rather than the short one week stay I had planned so left without filling in the paperwork. I thought of that when reading about this new app and hope the new technology may save another traveller a similar detour to appease concerned family members.