For a prairie boy who grew up without proximity to any appreciable bodies of water save for the North Saskatchewan River I’ve found in adult life I’m drawn to the ocean by some invisible force so wasn’t surprised a few spare hours during a recent business trip top Vancouver found me wandering the waterfront  walkways around Canada Place stopping to watch a float plane take off or land at the Coal Harbour with Stanley Park in the background.


To Vancouverites these views must be very commonplace and to some degree taken for granted or at least not viewed with quite the same awe as someone from out-of-town but they still are enough to get me to watch all day long were I able.

Everything is relative I suppose as  I remember one Autumn day a few years ago when some young interns from the Hawaiian Tourism Bureau visited Edmonton as a stop one a western Canadian trade show tour and marvelled at the vibrant valley colours which they’d never seen before but to me was just a normal seasonal cycle. Seeing our cityscapes through a visitors eye helps us appreciate how amazing our hometowns really are regardless of whether they are on the coast or inland.